Open Services

Open Public and
Hybrid Clouds

Take advantage of our knowledge to empower your business.

Let us design and integrate cloud platforms and hybrid cloud tools and see the difference.

Take the next step towards the future of Hybrid Cloud computing and find out what the rest of the world has already discovered.

Open DevOps Services

Super charge your code-flow with Open DevOps services and tools.

Integrate the latest DevOps methodologies and get continuous integration and delivery.

Upgrade your development teams with the next generation tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Salt and CFengine and Stay nimble and agile all across the development process – the Open way.

Open Private Cloud

It’s your cloud- keep it open. Designing and implementing OpenStack and CloudStack private clouds. Share and manage your resources wisely and discover the flexibility and scalability of the private cloud. Harness the power of OpenStack with powerful solutions as apache CloudStack and OpenStack compute and get the most of your cloud computing power.

Open Big-Data

Evolve to the next phase of big data management.

We offer design and support of various cloud platforms as Apache Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra and more.

Join the revolution and upgrade your big data operations to a more efficient and professional environment.

Open for Startups

Is Your Start-up running on a tight budget?
Do you need a very high level of expertise but just for a part time based position?
Looking for ultra-fast solutions?
Searching for a trusted party to offload your infrastructure and development needs?

Harness our experience and knowledge to set you on the road to success.

  • IT infrastructure Complete take over – leave the worrying to us and concentrate on your code
  • DevOps methodologies implementation – save time and speed up your development
  • Linux automation tools – save human resources and enjoy effortless and stateful deployments
  • Rearrange your cloud resources – gain control and save complexity and money
  • We can help make your web site fly – advanced caching, PHP acceleration and load balancers
  • Linux SAAS innovative tools – Free yourself from the shackles of resources in your SAAS environment
  • We love sharing our knowledge with others – teaching and nourishing your team is our privilege

Jurassic Park

Open Support Services (Traditional)

Still using the “old world” legacy computing solutions and need a helping hand until the transition?
No worries, we are here for you. Get professional system and support services for VMware, EMC, NetApp, and all other known services and solutions.

We also fully support Linux based systems (naturally…) and provide Linux system administration services, virtualization, storage and integration of Linux monitoring tools. Use our experience and let your business grow with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

  • Linux & UNIX System Administration
  • Virtualization Platforms Support (VMware & Linux)
  • Storage Support (EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP & Dell)
  • On-Premise Infrastructure Support
  • Design and Implement Complete DRP Solutions

Open Solutions

Open Grids

Open Grids & HPC

if you are from the bioinformatics, computational chemistry & Electronic engineering sectors
you share the same atribute of staring at the taken FlexLM-lmgrd (FlexNet) license.
Open can help you shorten your staring intervals and deliver faster grid runtimes.

Open Storage

Open Storage

Leave legacy storage platforms behind and step-up to the next phase of Software-Defined Storage.

We offer design and implementation of Open storage software utilizing commodity hardware.

Harness ZFS, Ceph, Gluster and Storage Virtualization and see for yourself what professional modern storage is all about.

Open Packaging

Open Software Packaging

Packaging your software with a gift wrap.

Start using the latest SAAS solutions as Linux containers, docker, redhat OpenShift and get a tailor made application wrapping to suit your precise needs.

Transcend your software to a whole new elastic and portable solution suit and cut significantly your hardware and software costs.

Open SDN

Open SDN

Yes, We know.. Software-defined Network is still in its infancy.

That does not stop us tech mongers from diving deep into the pool

of available bleeding edge SDN solutions

About Us

Save time, money and headaches while gaining competitive technology edge.

Let us lead you through the endless possibilities helping you choose the correct solutions that meet your needs.

We serve as a fast track path to open source successful integration.

Take advantage of our knowledge, experience and passion for technological innovation and implement tailor made IT solutions.

We love sharing our knowledge with others and we take great pleasure in teaching and nourishing our costumer’s teams.

We do it all with a BIG smile and we hire people like us.

But enough about us – let’s talk about you.

Whether you own a small startup or manage huge IT departments, you need Open Source professional services that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job.

Super-charge your Public Cloud environment with automation and configuration tools and manage your deployments the way they should be – fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Cut short development time lines by achieving operational efficiency with the latest open DevOps methodologies.

Build an on premise Private Cloud and reach higher utilization rates with better flexibility.

Open is all about open source professionalism – we invite you to give us a call.

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